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Elena Bukhatkina visits UK to deliver cross-cultural workshops to Godel’s clients

Godel’s head of language Elena Bukhatkina is currently on a two-week visit to the UK from Belarus to help drive communication and collaboration between Godel’s software development teams and its clients. Elena is delivering cross-cultural workshops to demystify the cultural differences that exist between the countries and suggest ways to overcome them.

Elena travels to the UK frequently to spend time with clients and build valuable knowledge. The sessions this year are designed to be thought provoking allowing those who attend to come away having learnt something new!

This year she is presenting four topics that she can cover in a session:

1. Complexity of Belarus Culture. This workshop covers the influencing factors for the Belarusian mentality: the geographical position, different religions and languages.

2. What being British sounds like to the Belarusians. This is a linguistic workshop discussing some examples such as “it’s fine” and how Belarusians perceive this comment from a native speaking English person. This workshop is to give examples and offer advice to the client.

3. Mapping the differences between the British and Belarusians. This workshop highlights the differences between cultures, focusing on low context vs high context, direct vs indirect communication and task-based vs relationship cultures.

4. How Belarusians deal with negative feedback. This workshop highlights the differences between cultures of negative feedback.

“We invest time and effort in making communication between our client’s teams and the developers in our centres of excellence across Belarus as clear as possible – and part of this is understanding the cultural differences that exist between the countries,” said Neil McMurdo, CEO, Godel.
“Elena’s workshops help not only our clients, but also our developers as they receive detailed feedback from client visits.”

As part of her trip, Elena will spend time with clients including Boden, Shell Energy, Karhoo, RS Components and MVF.