Clifford Thames expands software development capabilities with Godel

Godel has cemented and grown its software development capabilities with Clifford Thames by implementing new teams across the organisation to expand on the work it is already doing in partnership with the automotive organisation.

Clifford Thames, an OEC Company, sits at the heart of the global automotive aftermarket. They selected Godel as one of its leading outsourced software development partners in 2016.

“We have a very close and honest relationship with Godel which is serving us well – we don’t tell the team what to do, we very much take their suggestions and adopt them as best practice in some cases – they challenge us every step of the way,” explains Scott Christie, Group Chief Technology Officer, Clifford Thames.

“We’re on a rapid growth path and Godel’s work has now been noticed in other divisions of the company who are also choosing to work with them. The team has delivered on time, every time , which most importantly, has been noticed by our own clients. ”

Clifford Thames has an expanding portfolio of web-based platforms that are used throughout the automotive industry. Creating and managing the data needed to repair and maintain vehicles for manufacturers, repairers, leasing and fleet companies and their partners.

Neil Turvin, CEO of Godel said: “The automotive supply chain is renowned for it’s complexities, but we’re making a positive impact with Clifford Thames and can flex in line with its requirements both short and long term.”

Scott Christie concludes: “Godel has clear direction and is an honest and reliable partner and we look forward to continuing our work together.”