Cash Management Solutions

Cash Management Solutions hires Godel to increase software development team

Cash Management Solutions, a global leader in outsourced cash management specialising in the management of cash supply chains, has chosen Godel as its agile software development partner. The dedicated Godel team will work alongside Cash Management’s in-house head of development combining their 25+ years of cash management experience with access to high performance agile development skills to provide competitive advantage through the use of technology.

“Our cash management services are used by a diverse range of companies including financial institutions, supermarkets, large retailers and ATM deployers,” said Andrea Brooks, Managing Director, Cash Management Solutions.

“The software development skills we require have been difficult to find regionally so we began looking for a quality software development partner to work with us. Godel provides us with the ability to scale rapidly with demand in the business and delivers us the expertise we rely on to provide our customers with an exceptional cash management solution.”

CMS delivers exceptional results for their clients; understanding that every organisation is different stimulates them to produce unique solutions which satisfies client requirements while delivering significant bottom-line cost savings. Working with Godel will help CMS to continue delivering these bespoke solutions, solving their clients’ unique challenges.

“Our technology helps to streamline the management and ordering of cash and currency and automatically generates order/collection recommendations. The technology being delivered must take into account many factors from the significant events that may affect cash demand – interest rate changes, seasonality, weather, emerging payment methods, global, national and local events – to the operational factors: reporting and monitoring of sites, users and cash in transit providers. It’s a complex technology but it must be delivered to the users in a friendly interface so they can react quickly to their markets.” concludes Andrea.

Godel will begin working with Cash Management Solutions on November 1, 2016.