Blog: Godel’s Minsk ‘tech meet-up’ attracts over 250 delegates

Our ‘tech meet-up’ in Minsk in March was a resounding success. Over 250 people from across Belarus attended the event demonstrating that the development community in the country is keen to embrace new ideas.

Two internationally recognisable brands, Spotify and, presented and the feedback from delegates was extremely positive as Godel CEO, Neil Turvin explained. “People found both presentations really useful. Seeing how other companies deal with their challenges nearly always gives you a fresh perspective on your own problems; and this was the message that came out of the event.”


Stuart Hughes from talked about the challenges facing his team and how important it was upon his arrival into the company to create the right culture and working environment within the organisation. This involved removing the blockers for success, understanding that people will make mistakes, whilst building a framework where when a mistake happened; it should be celebrated so that there would never be a reoccurrence. Stuart stated that this had led to some major innovation and pushing of the boundaries from his talented team.

Kevin Goldsmith, Director of engineering at Spotify then outlined how they deal with building and constantly enhancing such a large application. With 70+ development teams employing over 600 developers spread across 5 offices, the company is completely focussed on their one product. They have developed the concept of autonomous teams with the freedom to act independently. This has helped Spotify hit challenging release dates whilst always maintaining quality.

Quality is key to success

“Maintaining the quality whilst scaling is my key point to take away,” said Neil. “At Godel we have been faced with the challenge of phenomenal growth, so we know that quality can potentially suffer if you do not deal with it in the right way, way in advance. This is the feedback we get from clients who have chosen to work with Godel, following previous poor experiences when engaging large offshore partners. Consequently, we have focussed on ensuring the quality of our delivery by attracting and employing only the best technologists available within the community in Belarus.

“Events like this can only aid that, as they demonstrate our commitment to leading the advancement of IT professionals in Belarus. This helps us to attract the best staff and at the same time show our customers and potential customers why they should partner with us.

“We are planning more events like this, both in Belarus and the UK, later this year,” concluded Neil. “I am really looking forward to them as we continue to learn from speakers as well as the delegates.”