Belarus is the go to destination for software talent

By Neil Turvin, CEO at Godel

With over 40,000 professionals in the tech industry Belarus is rapidly climbing the ranks as one of the world’s top software exporters. The country has been thrown into the spotlight in recent years after a continual string of wins at international coding competitions such as Google code jam and Google Hash Code.

Belarus were also ranked 6th in Europe at the International Olympiad in Informatics -an annual competitive programming competition for high school students.Each year over 3,500 young Belarussians graduate from one of the 14 state universities with majors in Computer Science and other IT-related disciplines whilst non-academic coding training courses and boot camps have reached the highest level in years.

Bridging the gap

As the UK IT skills gap continues to hamper UK businesses the thriving IT job market in Belarus could hold the answer. Organisations looking outside of the UK to fulfil the shortfall in IT talent isn’t something new, but more and more are opting for nearshore locations over those countries that are further away.

UK based Godel with software development offices in Belarus boasts clients including some of the most famous names in retail, travel and finance; most recently partnering with Experian, the leading global information services company.

Historically Experian have used the traditional waterfall approach to software development. Unfortunately the rigidity of this model can have a negative impact on the delivery of projects and it doesn’t allow for flexibility to incorporate new requirements.

Experian is made up of multiple businesses which have been acquired over time, each of these business units require a faster and more flexible software development approach. David McHugh, Director of Technology at Experian wanted to introduce agile methodology to the business.

“We were looking for a partner that was experienced in agile software development, and implementing best practice agile methods as the purpose was to bring Experian’s software development practice to the same executive level as our products.

We invited companies to respond to our RFP, and of those that applied Godel stood out from the others as they were able to utilise the wealth of talent that was available in Belarus. When you need the job done right, you have to go for the A-Team and Godel demonstrated that they could provide the quality that others couldn’t match.”

Change of Pace

The days of handing out software projects to the lowest bidder are diminishing. High demand for the skills inflated the historical low costs that CTO’s become accustomed to which drove them to look at other options.

New advancements in technology and market trends require organisations to react and move quickly, partnering with a nearshore provider can allow them to surge ahead of competitors as talent is no longer the issue But with many stories for bad outsourcing experiences, organisations are instead searching for partners that can match or exceed the quality of output of their internal teams.

Reuters recently dubbed Belarus as the new Silicon Valley, as the country has become one of the major IT outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe. Companies like Experian are taking advantage of Belarus’s quality engineering talent.