Artificial Intelligence in Quality Assurance: Widely adopted or future-gazing?

A whitepaper by Alina Halubinskaya, Senior QA Engineer, Godel Technologies. Click here to download.

Recent history shows a trend in software testing towards more efficient processes – from the rise of continuous test cycles to support agile software development, to the introduction of test automation. Today, we are surrounded by the rise of artificial intelligence – and the quality assurance domain is not exempt from its impact.

The crossovers between these two areas of technology are many but understanding how to apply AI to software testing in a way which delivers results is no mean feat. Read on to learn the current state of AI in the realm of quality assurance and how testers can use it to their advantage. Topics include:

  • How do artificial intelligence and quality assurance interact?
  • What is “self-healing software”?
  • How can you integrate AI into your testing approach?
  • 8 ways AI will impact the QA engineer role
  • What should QA engineers do to stay ahead?