A recipe for nearshoring success

The UK has a plethora of companies with ambitious technology roadmaps in place, but they often lack the software development skills to deliver them. Building in-house teams that are a technical and cultural fit is often the biggest challenge that tech leaders face.

Nearshoring is a solution built to tackle these issues. Here are ten of the many “secret ingredients” that are added to the Godel nearshore model, which provide the recipe for software delivery success for UK companies including Intelliflo and comparethemarket.com.

Different flavours: Culture.  Direct software delivery is part of what makes Godel great, and that ethos comes naturally to its Belarusian teams. IT is the country’s number one export; huge investment into the industry over the past sixty years has catapulted Belarus to global recognition for tech output. Over 40,000 STEM graduates per annum join the IT industry, graduating from around 61 universities – 14 of which are dedicated solely to technology.  Godel operates its software delivery centres of excellence across Belarus, currently employing over 1200 people.

Made to order: Flexible scaling. A true agile software delivery strategy is underpinned by having the right skills in place, at the right time. This is not easy for UK tech leaders facing the skills shortage. Godel’s nearshore team models can scale on skills based on clients’ strategic needs.

Something sweet: Team building. Godel teams are in Belarus but are integrated closely with clients’ in-house teams. Godel invests in building a “one team” relationship with each of its clients: it decorates its Belarus offices with client branding, facilitates business trips to and from client locations and encourages partnered teams to celebrate releases, delivery milestones and partnership anniversaries.

Try a bit of everything: Knowledge transfer. Godel partnerships are in place for the long term, and as relationships flourish between teams, they naturally share their experiences, expertise and ideas for improvements. Bringing in different perspectives via a nearshore partner helps drive innovation and positive changes to existing working practices.

Home-cooked: UK headquarters. Godel’s Manchester office houses its Client Directors and Service Delivery Managers, along with its leadership team. They work closely with clients and teams in Belarus to further enable agile delivery. With its Mancunian and Belarusian teams, Godel has built a unique blend of hard-working, no-nonsense people, a culture which supports efficient software delivery.

Fast food: True agile. Last year, Godel switched its project manager job title to agile delivery co-ordinator – a formality which underlined what the role has always been about. This is an example of Godel’s dedication to true agile delivery – each client engagement works within the parameters of agile delivery because software is delivered faster.

Spilling the beans: Communication. What underpins agile delivery? Communication. That’s why successful nearshoring requires investment into collaborative working, in order to bridge the geographical gap. Godel’s Belarusian teams work to core UK hours, with just a 2-3 hour time difference between the UK and Minsk. HD video conferencing is provided by Godel to every client, and along with regular business trips, face-to-face communication isn’t an issue.

Making new recipes: Innovation. Belarus is a hub for technology talent. Godel is scaling in line with UK demand for cutting-edge software development skills such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and mobile, alongside its core software engineering and quality assurance divisions. Godel pods are made up of talented people who are encouraged to constantly learn and put forward their ideas to clients. Engagements, as a result, deliver beyond clients’ initial expectations.

Food for thought: Product mindset. As Godel has grown it has worked hard to maintain its product mindset philosophy. This is defined as a focus on the end-user and business value of any piece of software Godel is involved in delivering. By thinking in this way Godel teams can stay focused on the bigger picture and deliver software that in turn drives business value.

The bread and butter: The right people. Building and retaining high-performing teams is no mean feat. Working with a nearshore partner still requires the right people for your team and business to work with – Godel’s people come with domain and technical knowledge which is applicable across the client’s needs. Combined with a hiring strategy that sets the bar high, Godel’s people are of a very high calibre.

How our clients make nearshoring work

Each client Godel partners with has a unique set of challenges and ambitions. That’s why there are so many ingredients to a successful nearshore partnership – each requires something a little different. Here are two Godel clients which have adopted the nearshore approach to fit their software delivery needs.

“We understood from the very beginning that you get more value from a partnership than a client/supplier relationship. In this regard, Godel has been the ideal partner. Both sides approach everything from a position of collaboration and transparency.” – Paula Giacchino, Senior Manager,  Technology Planning & Resourcing at comparethemarket.com.

As a digitally native business, comparethemarket.com’s macro objective is to help customers find the right product, whilst saving money and time. This means delivering basic customer expectations, whilst also working to prioritise innovative product development initiatives to delight its customers.

comparethemarket.com needed to grow its software engineering capabilities to accelerate the execution of its strategy including the migration of some of its products to its modernised Comparison as a Service (CaaS) platform.

“The greatest achievement we’ve had with Godel is that whilst working with them, as an organisation we have significantly changed. We’ve been able to ensure that our relationship with Godel has been strong enough to go on that journey together.” – Akeel Ahmed, CTO, Intelliflo.

Intelliflo is an industry-leading financial services software company. It provides best-in-class software to over a third of the UK’s financial adviser (FA) market, allowing them to be more efficient.

Intelliflo needed to do something radical that would allow the business to grow, satisfy industry demands, support its customers with compliant solutions and to ultimately increase software delivery capacity to make room for innovation. The solution was to seek a software delivery partner that would help build out to a microservices architecture, enable continuous delivery and a new delivery discipline.