In 2023, the retails sector economic output was £112.9 billion, 4.9% of the UK’s total economic output, and a 2.5% increase on 2022.

In recent years, technology
has impacted the retail industry through the rise
of e-commerce and online shopping and improving
the in-store customer

Case Studies

Long-term partnerships, built on trust

We partner with some of the UK’s leading household names to extend their development capacity

What our clients say

We Were Able to Get an Engineering Team with the Right Skills We Needed

"We looked at the option of offshoring and using an engineering arm of another business and we came across Godel. An advantage of this was that we were able to get an engineering team with the right skills we needed, at the speed we needed. I was doubtful how many other people could achieve that".

Jon Cleaver | Chief Technology Officer

Godel Are Also Representing AO to Other Businesses

"The Godel team has complete ownership in terms of setting up new products, communications and any interactions with those third-party systems and the AO internal systems. Given how much AO values its customers, by working with third parties Godel are also representing AO to other businesses".

David Igoe | Head of Software Development

Extra Flexibility Across All Aspects of Quality Assurance

“Working with Godel has given us the extra flexibility across all aspects of quality assurance. They have helped us when we have needed people, and the resources they have provided have helped us to not only improve our products but given us the extra man-power to meet tight deadlines”.

Dave Beck | Test Manager

We Were Dealing with Some Really Good Developers

“After meeting with Godel we really liked their model and decided to give it a go. We were used to building software in house and so we had some concerns around giving this responsibility to someone else and kept a very close eye on what our Godel team were producing. Although we quickly realised that we were dealing with some really good developers”.

David Petronzio | Head of Development