Godel has welcomed Microsoft’s machine learning and AI specialist to its development centre this week to impart their knowledge on the ‘cognitive services’ open to developers on its Azure platform – in this case, machine learning and AI.

The Microsoft expert will spend two days training developers within Godel’s nearshore development centre of excellence so that the value-added skills can be offered to UK brands as they are increasingly difficult to hire in the UK.

“Godel is completely committed to delivering high value skills to UK brands that keep them ahead of the curve – and ahead of what their customers expect from their user experience online,” said Neil Turvin, CEO, Godel.

“Cognitive services are progressively the way many sectors are approaching the ability to work harder and more efficiently for their customers – standing in for customer service agents, quickly routing customers to the information they need and even in tasks such as translating legalese into plain English – the application of the technology is vast.

“We’re very much committed to having those skills for our clients and it’s flattering that Microsoft see the potential of Godel as an award-winning partner to deliver them.”

The training will include techniques, algorithms, a practical to code a hotel concierge chatbot, image recognition APIs that match similar faces in a picture databse and a hackathon with practical experiments included to solve real-world problems.

Godel is a Microsoft Gold Partner for DevOps, Cloud, Application Development and Data Platform.