“Godel has helped us to get the minimum viable product for the MyVenue suite for both clubs and offices out of the door nice and quick, and as one of our first go to market products. It has helped us validate some of the core user cases for the platform,” said John Abbott, director of business growth

“Godel takes a pragmatic approach to our business – we’re not a business that fits into the size and shape of a usual client, but they’re working well with us.” To hear more from John Abbott about Godel and YOTI’s partnership watch our latest video testimonial here: https://www.godeltech.com/case_study/yoti/

Digital identity platform YOTI collaborated with Godel to help users create a profile that contains their personal details – including name, age and photo ID which is stored on their mobile phone to prove who they are. There are many uses for YOTI’s technology, but Godel has been specifically working with the company to develop the MyVenue solution so that users can prove age (over 18) when visiting licensed premises and identity themselves when entering office blocks.

Godel has worked to deliver a ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) for YOTI – the basics required for a first release of the product to test and take it to market. Specifically, Godel has been part of development of the full suite – the back-end development, an Android app for smartphones and tablets as well as user interface and user experience services.

YOTI was running out of office space and required a partner to help grow the business rapidly, rather than employing more contractors. Godel can react quickly to changes in requirements of which there were some – and its speed of execution kept pace with YOTI.