• Godel partners with global technology company Voiteq
• Delivers software development skills for voice-directed work solutions
• Promotes flexibility and scalability for business partners

Software development expert Godel has added a new customer to its portfolio – Voiteq, a provider of voice-directed work solutions used in operations, warehouse management and across supply chains. Godel will work collaboratively with Voiteq to provide nearshore software development skills, augmenting and upskilling Voiteq’s in-house development team.

“We had a deadline for a substantial customer project in the logistics sector that required extra resources and required a rapid ramp-up of software development skills to deliver to the timescales.” explains Phil Garner, Product Director, Voiteq.

“Our in-house team of experts do a fantastic job, however the coding skills shortage is well documented in the media, and it is hard to recruit quality developers with the right skillset to expand our team quickly. We were challenged with delivering ‘business as usual’ tasks, whilst scaling up our development team to replace a client’s RFID system with a voice-driven software solution. This led to us searching for a partner organisation to work with that we could trust to deliver a fantastic, quality service.”

Godel will help bring improvements to the way that Voiteq’s own software engineering teams work; adopting the collaborative model for sprint retrospectives that it uses with Godel for the wider business. Godel’s developers will share knowledge and experience with their in-house counterparts helping Voiteq to develop clean, testable and loosely-coupled code.

“Godel has a fantastic client reference list and it’s clear from speaking to their team that they are very passionate about the technology and the code quality – which is something close to my heart. I’m really happy to be working with them,” concluded Phil Garner.

Paul Green, Chief Commercial Officer, Godel said: “Voiteq has some huge customers in the supply chain and logistics sector and it’s great to be able to add Voiteq to our credentials and help to scale with the demands of its client projects.”