At Godel, we have continued to make significant investment in finding and retaining talented people in 2010 and we’ll continue to do so in 2011. As well as identifying talent, we encourage and support employees with training to develop their knowledge and keep their skills up to date.

As well as investing in training in technologies from key partners such as Microsoft and Oracle, we also invest in technologies from other key vendors. A good example is our investment in ESB vendor, WSO2 which has already reaped rewards by enabling us to deliver various large projects based on technologies from WSO2 in 2010.

Terry Bland, Managing Director of Godel commented:

“This major investment is a good indication that Godel is one of the most capable delivery companies for WSO2 in Europe. Many enterprise-sized organisations are considering the use of ESB technologies or continuing to develop them and Godel is primed to deliver high quality, cost effective services to clients to aid them in the delivery of such projects, whatever the technology.”

A recent case study based on Godel’s delivery of WSO2 technologies can be found at:

Godel has offices in the UK and Eastern Europe and provides all areas of software development for customers within both the public and private sectors.

For more information on WSO2 or our other ESB expertise, please contact: Neil Turvin on 0161 219 8101.