As Chief Technology Officer of Avvo and previously VP of Engineering at Spotify, Kevin Goldsmith has pioneered the use of new technologies and software development methodologies within organisations, and evangelised them successfully to senior management and other engineering teams. Godel counts him as one of its non-executive directors, and makes use of his extensive experience of building software engineering teams and products as often as possible by inviting customers to an evening with him.

Kevin, who is currently based in Seattle, WA, visited Manchester on June 6, 2017 for a private dining experience held for Godel customers and prospects. The event, at Gaucho Grill in Manchester, attracted a number of large brand names on Godel’s customer list that attended to hear Kevin talk about building a culture of continuous improvement.

“After the formal part of Kevin’s presentation, he spent most of the evening talking to our clients and prospects fielding a myriad of software development questions,” explains Mark Green, Client Director at Godel.

“It’s not often CTOs, CIOs and other IT leaders get access to someone with Kevin’s experience, and they were all very keen to ask him questions relating to their own businesses. He talked widely about how he gives more responsibility to his team members – delegating so that teams progress their own ideas – as well as the techniques and methodologies he uses.”

Kevin’s technical areas of expertise include service scalability, user experience, consumer product development, GPGPU, multi-core, distributed computing, desktop, mobile, and connected architectures, image, audio and video processing, domain-specific languages and graphics. He also has extensive experience building products using Lean, Kanban, Scrum, and Extreme Programming methodologies.