Nearshore software development company Godel is working with Modix, part of the Cox Automotive group of companies, to build online dealerships to help car manufacturers sell used approved cars faster.

The team at Godel is working closely with the in-house development team to move customers away from a legacy solution to the Modix platform, a web-hosted global infrastructure used for inventory management.

“The Godel team dovetails nicely into the work we do here and complements our agile development methodology working towards iterative improvements in the software,” explains Peter Stubbs, head of delivery, Cox Automotive.

“As part of the agile process we have regular chapter meetings for our developers and Godel inputs into these by suggesting potential improvements and ways to tackle the challenges the teams face – helping to improving our overall development process and skills.”

Modix works with leading car manufacturers and handles vast numbers of vehicles across the online dealerships. With around two decades of experience it is able to put its knowledge of the used car after sales market into practice to deliver innovative solutions to market and sell used cars faster. These include 360-dgree views of the cars and photography that market the vehicles as soon as they arrive on the forecourt.

“Godel is an extension to our team and which means that we are able to work on projects as well as our daily tasks without worrying about finding increasingly more in-house skills to join us – nearshoring plugs that gap for us,” concludes Peter Stubbs.