This year saw Godel enter an all-female team of developers into the renowned Hack Manchester 2016 – a 24-hour all-weekend coding event which is part of the Manchester Science Festival. With over 70 teams in attendance, competition was fierce this year.

The day before the event, Maryia, Tanya, Olga and Veranika flew in and took to the streets of Manchester to film Godel’s Dev In The City.

Hack Manchester 2016 offered a range of technologically creative challenged drawn up and presented by various large companies. Out of these, Godel entered both the Co-Op’s and Clockworks’ competitions – not in the least afraid to take on both difficult tasks in just 24 hours.

Godel’s hack team developed an application named ‘Help and Hope’, which was all about helping people. It worked by having two types of users, those who needed help and those who were willing to help. With the use of map integration, members were matched to allow the assistance of those in need.

Traditionally, the software development industry has a distinctly high percentage of men; the gender gap is a consistently present topic in the IT world. Godel’s Hack Manchester team was the only all-female entry into the senior event. The ladies’ excellent performance was a prime example of how women are becoming as prevalent and successful as men in the industry.

Godel CEO Neil Turvin wrote a LinkedIn blog sharing his thoughts on how the event went for Godel. He said, ‘To be the only female hack team involved at Hack Manchester is a huge win in our eyes but to actually be one of the teams nominated for an award is another huge step forward for women in tech’.

Hack Manchester

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