Godel is delivering scalability on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform for Rentalcars.com via the creation of ‘Marketplace’– as described by Andy Thorburn, Head of National Supply, Adam Flynn, Lead Solutions Architect and Chris Kenny, Product Owner for Marketplace by Rentalcars.com in a new video testimonial. Watch the full video here.

“Rentalcars.com delivery pace is fast, we do everything fast, we’ve growth quickly as a business and it’s a constant challenge trying to keep pace with that,” explains Andy Thorburn, Head of National Supply at Rentalcars.com.

“The vision for Marketplace is simple, we wanted to make it easier for smaller car rental companies to engage with us, so that we can offer customers a broader selection of places to rent cars from. There were technical challenges with that and we’re removing those with Marketplace.”

Adam Flynn, Lead Solutions Architect at Rentalcars.com also comments: “In terms of technology, it’s been the single most complex integration project during my eight years with Rentalcars.com.

“AWS has been beneficial because it’s allowed us to live in splendid isolation of everything else we have at Rentalcars. So it’s that start up mentality of a completely greenfield project allowing us to spin up some environments very quickly.

“From the outset we wanted everything defined as code so all infrastructure is now repeatable which has allowed us to build a platform that will let us innovate at pace. It’s laid the foundations for a DevOps culture. Within Marketplace they started with a fairly traditional infrastructure but now that’s progressed through the project we have a nice balance between Dev and Ops.

“We’ve been able to start with a relatively low cost environment with the flex of the cloud to grow and expand.”

Godel’s development work has been instrumental to the project and the team at Rentalcars.com is keen to point out what a team effort the project has been.

“Godel really bought into what we were trying to achieve with Marketplace and as a business. They’ve gone the extra mile for me – nothing has ever been too much trouble. They adapted their processes to our requirements,” Chris Kenny, Product Owner for Marketplace by Rentalcars.com

Andy Thorburn sums up by commenting: “One of the things that worked well was being able to flex the size of the team to appoint where we could achieve highest possible velocity for the things we were working on at that time.

“It was only about six weeks into the project when I felt that everyone who was working on this (Marketplace), gets it and really wants to do a good job on it. Godel is professional, productive and personable.”