Godel has partnered with leading luxury wallpaper manufacturer Graham & Brown to create a ‘virtual wallpaper’ application that allows users to choose their wallpaper and project it onto a wall to try before buying. The immersive technology has been unveiled at Graham & Brown’s ‘House of Wallpaper’ in a Soho, London town house to showcase the wall furnishings.

The technology puts the consumer in the driving seat, allowing them to try many different patterns and designs on the walls of their rooms as a natural extension of the pattern books found in the Graham & Brown stores.

“Projecting the designs onto the walls gives a great visualisation of how the wallpaper would look. The clever part is collecting the data to see which of the designs are most popular – providing a level of business intelligence upon which we can make decisions,” explains Paul Martin, Head of IT, Graham & Brown.

“Introducing technology into the process means we can stay at the forefront of what our customers want most, but also can tailor our services to meet those demands.”

The project took just three weeks to implement linking the customer’s choice of wallpaper to the projection solution using UWP and C# technologies. More widely, the team will work on a variety of projects for Graham & Brown to design new interfaces to replace current EDI platforms and assist with extending the reporting platform, whilst enriching functionality as required.

“We’re living in a digital age where technology touches every part of our lives – even our wallpapers,” explains Neil Turvin, CEO, Godel.

“It’s a fun application to interact with – very engaging for the user, but more widely it provides many business benefits for a manufacturer like Graham & Brown, as it delivers data upon which commercial decisions can be made to enhance the user experience.