Godel’s latest partnership with VibePay will support the growing social payments and data platform in accelerating to the next phase of development. 

Building a simpler, smarter way for businesses and individuals to pay and get paid, VibePay’s social payments platform offers instant and secure payments through the power of Open Banking technology. With 125k+ users, and a large number of users having 1+ banks linked with a mix of consumers with personal bank accounts and sellers with business banks, vibePay’s social payments platform combines messaging with peer-to-peer payments. Their “vibe” is to help users avoid traditional payment rails which traditionally come with high fees and delays.  

Looking to take their platform to new levels, VibePay were looking for a long-term partnership that would be key in supporting VibePay in accelerating its roadmap. Luke Massie, Founder and CEO of VibePay explains: “Over the past couple of years, we have experienced rapid growth in our platform. To support our growing requirements, we have gradually seen our business model transition to also support B2C transactions for organisations who want to use the channel of communication and payment services which VibePay Offers.  

To support the next phase of our development, we were looking to extend our in-house capabilities without the need to recruit internally within a challenging UK market. Our existing knowledge of Godel and their technical experience in the industry meant they would be the ideal partner that would help us in achieving our roadmap. We also believed Godel’s managed dedicated team model would suit our requirements, meaning they could work autonomously with our existing team but also be part of our unique journey culture.” 

The Godel team will be implementing a number of improvements to the functionality and capabilities of VibePay’s existing platform. This will enable more organisations to benefit from VibePay’s services. 

Luke continues: “Godel’s expertise and partnership will empower VibePay to scale efficiently and enhance our offerings. Their technical capabilities align seamlessly with our vision, and we anticipate significant positive impacts on our business operations.” 

Neil McMurdo, CEO at Godel said: “Our new partnership with VibePay comes as an exciting time as they move into the next phase of their development. We look forward to supporting VibePay in delivering their products in an accelerating industry which continues to transform the way payments are handled.”

About VibePay

VibePay is a UK-based fintech company dedicated to transforming the way payments are made and received. With a focus on simplicity, security, and innovation, VibePay’s social payments platform leverages Open Banking technology to provide a cost free, seamless and efficient payment experience for individuals and businesses. With a rapidly growing user base and a commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, VibePay is poised to shape the future of digital payments.

For more information, visit vibepay.com