Godel has been chosen by innovative retail solutions provider Dee Set as its strategic software development partner to help it deliver digital transformation across the organisation.

At its core, Dee Set delivers field merchandising solutions for large retail customers like Asda and Morrisons to help them sell more by ensuring premium product positioning, stock availability and an effective customer journey. The organisation has a requirement to ‘technically disrupt’ areas of its operations and deliver a more holistic approach across its capabilities.

“We acknowledged that we had some challenges in achieving our goals in terms of delivering the software development skills we needed the fast-paced retail market in which we operate and the ever-looming changes in IR35 tax legislation for contractors means that a partnership approach is the right choice to quickly ramp-up our development capabilities,” explains David Pugh, CIO, Dee Set.

“When we met the team at Godel we liked them very much and felt that they were completely responsive and were aligned and engaged with what we are trying to achieve,”

Greg Phillips, CEO, Dee Set said: “We’re making a significant investment in the digital transformation of our business in order to stay ahead of the market and to help our clients grow and delight their customers.

“The development of these new innovative platforms coupled with our Industry leading expertise in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities will help to bring about our enhanced competitive advantage and we’re excited that Godel are part of our digital transformation journey.”

Paul Green, COO, Godel said: “Location is often an enormous limiter when trying to hire great software developers – and in Dee Set’s case, its head office location provides some challenges in reacting quickly to a fast-paced retail market. There simply isn’t the time to dedicate to finding the right people when you have customer promises and opportunities to deliver on. Godel instantly removes that headache and Dee Set can continue doing what it does best.”

The partnership began in January 2020.