The software development conference created for developers by developers.

Twelve of Godel’s developers were handpicked to attend the DevDays Vilnius software development conference in Lithuania over three days this month – a conference that encourages excellence in innovation within the development community.

The conference had over 40 speakers, 10 workshops and limitless opportunities to network within the developer community. Everything from emerging technologies and best practices are shared across the development industry regardless of technological platform or language.

Developers learnt about the latest tech advances from international experts who specifically fly in for the event. There are many industry speakers and lots of knowledge sharing around the latest practices and advancement in software development.

Pavel Shyrko, Lead Software Developer, Godel Technologies said: “I was very lucky last week to attend DevDays in Vilnius. It was an incredible experience that gave me an overview of the latest trends in the Software Industry.

“The most entertaining talk was given by Aino Corry from Retrospective Antipatterns – she gave us a manual on how to use design patterns to pick up a girl!

“There was a lot of other interesting, more serious topics and I am pretty sure we will be happy to share our knowledge with the rest of the Godel team.”