As the world turns to e-commerce, global online marketplace Fruugo has chosen Godel to add velocity to their growing technical roadmap.

Fruugo, which owns and operates a high growth and profitable global cross-border marketplace using its own proprietary technology and data science, announces a partnership with Godel to help support the growth of its platform. Founded in 2006, Fruugo provides shoppers in 42 countries the freedom to purchase safely and securely from global retailers, in any of the 31 currencies and 28 languages Fruugo supports.

Already growing rapidly, the North-West based cross-border e-commerce marketplace looked to expand their software development capacity by finding an additional nearshore partner. Tony Preedy, Managing Director at Fruugo explains.

“Fruugo are experts in retail internationalisation. We have ambitious development plans, designed to keep us at the leading edge of cross-border e-commerce. We were keen to find additional resource to help us scale our team quickly without compromising quality, which led us to explore the option to look for a nearshore partner that would allow us to accelerate delivery of our roadmap.”

Tony continues: “A significant focus for Fruugo is on making the services we provide to retailers increasingly effective. The Godel team will be helping us to grow our global customer base using new data integration services, so we can meet the significant and growing demand for our services from retailers all over the world. We have a massive opportunity in the market and working with Godel will allow us to accelerate the delivery of our busy roadmap as Fruugo continues to scale its marketplace business and services for retailers.

Godel offers a complete package with the quality of resourcing they offer, and you can see the positive culture and trust within the teams. Fruugo is a fast-growing company, and we are constantly seeking the best talent in the industry – joining forces with Godel is a partnership we see ourselves doing long-term business with.”

Paul Green, Chief Commercial Officer at Godel said. “It’s fantastic to have been chosen by Fruugo, a leading online marketplace with ambitious plans to evolve their business globally. Godel will help grow their technical roadmap and we look forward to working with them to deliver what their customers require.”

About Fruugo

Fruugo’s mission is to enable online shoppers everywhere to buy from online retailers anywhere.

Fruugo is a highly diversified global online marketplace supporting e-commerce transactions in 42 countries, 31 currencies and 28 languages. The business is fast-growing, asset light and built for scale through its proprietary technology platform.

Fruugo mitigates the complexities of online cross-border trade for retailers by:

Providing an end-to-end eCommerce solution spanning demand generation through to order orchestration and customer service
• Translating product listings into the local language of the purchaser
• Automatically converting currencies to enable a sale in any currency with the retailer receiving payment in their local or preferred currency
• Using sophisticated digital marketing, bidding and advertising strategies across e-commerce shopping channels, search engines, countries and product categories to drive traffic to the retailers’ products
• Calculating, applying, and collecting international sales tax and VAT and, where applicable, paying to the relevant government body on behalf of the retailer
• Utilising comprehensive online fraud detection services

Fruugo’s growth is driven by the accelerating global customer shift towards online shopping, a diverse retailer base, extensive product catalogue, and wide geographical reach. In addition, Fruugo’s on-going investment and improvements in its platform are aimed at continually driving higher traffic and sales volumes and improving the overall shopping experience.