JavaScript Technologies

  • Areas:

    Full-Stack JS, Static websites (promo, landing, ...), SPA, mobile-first, responsive/adaptive web design, i18n, a11y, PWA, GraphQL

  • Languages:

    JavaScript, TypeScript

  • Markup & Presentation:

    HTML, Handlebars/Mustache, Pug, CSS, LESS, SASS, POSTCSS, Bootstrap, Ant

  • Front-End Development:

    React, Vue, Angular

  • Back-end Development:

    NodeJS, Express, Koa, Next,, Passport, Sequelize, Winston, Morgan

  • Native Development:

    Electron, Cordova (PhoneGap, Ionic)

  • Important libraries:

    Babel, Modernizr, Lodash, Ramda, Moment, Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux-Thunk, MobX, VueX, D3, RxJS

  • Code Analysis & Quality Tools:

    Jasmine, Mocha-Chai-Sinon, Jest, Enzyme, Cucumber,, Nightwatch, ESLint, CSSLint, HTMLLint, Prettier

  • Workflow, Build and Deploy:

    NPM, Yarn, Gulp, WebPack, PM2, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Heroku

  • IDEs and Code Editors:

    VS Code, Atom, Sublime Text, vim

  • Operating systems:

    Windows, Linux, Mac

JavaScript technologies are the most in-demand IT skills for UK organisations. Godel's JavaScript division is working with many of these organisations to deliver mission-critical front and back-end projects.

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