The team from Godel sponsored and attended another Hackathon this week – with the folks at Manchester-based Mars Capital. Five teams of developers with differing ideas were briefed by product owners to improve, develop or enhance systems and create a prototype in a given time period – with a view to it being using in the business once the testing is completed.

The event was held between 9:00hrs and 18:00hrs and an award ceremony took place to celebrate the achievements of the winning team.

The Hackathon was all about using innovative thinking and solutions and brought together people of mixed abilities from developers, to graduates and project owners. Each team had their own individual objectives to complete, and all of the objectives were similar and relating to the business, involving elements such as payment.

By bringing dedicated product owners and talented developers together into one room, aligned to achieve the same goals, Mars Capital broke down barriers and silos, and connected a workforce that can achieve ‘real’ tangible results. It witnessed the great momentum and energy teams can generate when they’re determined to deliver something they feel passionate about. More than that, it witnessed the unrelenting commitment and fantastic work and communication between teams, and a drive to succeed together to make best use of the short amount of time available to deliver the product owners’ requirements.

Jorge Garcia de Bustos, technical presales consultant at Godel commented: “As an outsider participating in this, it was remarkable how well the hacks and experiments were aligned with business needs. All product owners and judges were very much focused on business impact and savings. Thanks a lot for inviting us to the event.”

Nisha Balwatkar, senior PM/scrum master, Mars Capital said: “A big thank you to team from Godel for supporting the hackathon event with its participation and refreshments which helped to keep the teams’ energy up. We would not be able to run such a successful event without your help and support.”