F1. Music. Beer. EventSpace.by – Minsk

Godel delivers a 'tech extravaganza' featuring talks by IT leaders from Formula1 and Microsoft, as well as live music from one of the UK's hottest indie-rock bands, hosted at Belarus' premier tech venue, EventSpace.by

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  • 6.15 pm

    Be sure to arrive on-time for this eagerly anticipated event held at EventSpace, Minsk on October 26th 2017.

  • 6.45 pm
    A F1 Team

    A unique take of what goes into delivering application engineering excellence within Formula 1.

  • 7.45 pm

    Discover the latest innovations from one of the world’s leading technology companies.

  • 9.15 pm
    The Slow Readers Club

    A live performance by the UK's hottest indie rock band. To listen to them, visit: www.theslowreadersclub.co.uk

  • 10.30 pm
    DJ Famous

    One of the most sought-after musicians and guest performers of the country!

  • 1.00 am

Godel's Belarus Tech Gathering

EventSpace Minsk

Thursday 26th October - 6pm Registration.

The event shall be hosted at: EventSpace.by, Вход через ул. Октябрьскую, 10б, vulica Kastryčnickaja 16А, Minsk.



    Formula 1 is a data driven sport where split second decisions can mean the difference between winning and losing. Learn how F1 uses rapidly evolving software to make the right call on car design, performance, and race strategy. A session not to be missed for software developers, business analysts, project managers, quality assurance and DevOps engineers!


    Microsoft solutions empower organisations to achieve more and enable digital transformation using the latest developments in technology such as AI, Bots, IoT, Machine Learning and Cognitive Services. This presentation will teach you which innovative technologies you need to know about.


    An opportunity for music lovers to catch a UK band that is on the cusp of breaking Europe with their inspiring lyrics and outstanding melodies.

    “Think New Order and Depeche Mode with all the catchiness of a cool new indie band, this gives you some idea to what they’re about. Definitely one of THE bands of the moment!” – LouderthanWar

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