Who are Godel, and what can we do for you?

(HINT:  We are working with some eggcellent companies...)

We provide software development talent to UK companies who need high quality, efficient delivery.


  • A leading agile software development expert, combining our unique agile delivery approach with some of the most exceptional software development and quality assurance talent in Europe.
  • Renowned for our direct, no-nonsense, flexible and honest attitude to delivery.
  • We retain outstanding talent, make working fun and bring our clients the benefit of working with a highly skilled, happy and exceptional delivery team.
  • Commitment to do the right thing and be prepared to go the extra mile to make it happen has been the foundation which our family has and will always be based upon.



We work within your hours

Company growth of 62% within the last year

Client retention

Quality over revenue, every time

Emphasis on communication

Winner of multiple major industry awards

UK based

An agile approach to software delivery


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