To quote Grace Hopper, the most damaging phrase in the language is, it’s always been done this way. In the world of programming, we must love change.

Go started when Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson grew weary of C++’s complexity and a lack of simple language providing efficient compilation and execution.

Go brings a host of benefits to help your business, thanks its simplicity, ease to pick it up and speed. As its popularity grows, the full capability of Go is being uncovered as to why the language is so popular and in high demand, recently listed as the 7th most popular programming language.

Software programming is a trending career right now, with the demand to hire specialist programmers. It is beneficial to know multiple languages as each position requires different roles, companies and software. Globally, there are about 1.1 million professional Go developers who use Go as a primary language, working mainly in IT services, Fintech and cloud computing/platform.

Go is the only language that incorporates all three sought-after capabilities which are ease of coding, efficient code compilation and efficient execution. Of course, there is no perfect language for everything. For example, Go wouldn’t be used for machine learning or a project that requires big data as there are no powerful libraries to develop everything efficiently and quickly.

Why are businesses using Go?

In a nutshell, thanks to its simple and modern structure, Go has gained popularity amongst large technology companies. Deciding to expand your tech usage must always be based on your user case and supported with strong benefits to your business.

When a business decides to use Go, they will look at the resources they have. In most cases, they will have previously built projects with Java, which means they can start using Go quickly, proving its usefulness.

Businesses don’t initially start off as Go as their first language, but usually migrate from other languages. If a business is wanting to scale and/or migrate, Go was designed with cloud computing in mind without complicated development.

Go is simple to learn, especially if a developer has a background in C or Java, thanks to the minimal layout and spec. Even if you had people in your team who were new to programming languages, Go is very easy to read.  This makes it very approachable for an entire team who commit to learning Go.

Go with Godel

Godel have an experienced Go team available for a new partnership. Go teams work with clients across many sectors. The solutions delivered include:

  • Core Go platform development
  • Microservices re-architecture – 71% of Go developers develop microservices
  • Developing Open Web APIs
  • Complex third-party integrations

Godel has helped Karhoo to scale up their technical operations. The ‘Karhoo Mobility exchange’ reached many new markets over the years and as a result the business wanted to scale its development team.

Businesses seek to find the best language for their business needs and Go is winning due to its features of being fast, simple, maintainable, and easy to learn. If you think your current programming language isn’t meeting your requirements, it could be time to migrate to Go.

Technology is evolving – so should the programming languages that comes with it.