Godel is ‘dead happy’ to secure partnership with the innovative Insurtech to help deliver their ambitious roadmap, with a mission to change the life insurance industry.

Named one of Europe’s top Insurtech start-ups, the life insurer was formed in 2013 to provide a place where people could think about, plan and share their wishes and looks to hopefully change attitudes towards death.

Rapidly moving from start-up to scale up, DeadHappy’s ambitious plans meant the business needed to quickly grow and broaden its engineering team resource. Nick Meredith, CTO at DeadHappy explains.

“DeadHappy has experienced fast growth within our sector and in order to deliver new products to market, we needed to grow our team quickly. We found ourselves unable to find skilled people in the required time frame so we explored the option of finding a nearshore partner that would offer external expertise and knowledge whilst complementing our current in-house team.

Having had first-hand experience working with Godel in a previous business, I knew they have always delivered quality in their teams and share similar agile working values whilst offering the flexibility of nearshoring. Additionally, Godel was able to provide access to the competitive European IT market, especially in Poland.

Nick continues: “We have a number of priorities in place right now and Godel will be part of them. The Godel team will be helping us to build out our Deathwish platform, which is a specific way of asking people what they would like to happen when they die.

The centre of what we do is about more than just life insurance and our Deathwish platform will give us the opportunity to expand further into the market by introducing new features such as digital wills. This will also drive DeadHappy closer to appearing on price comparison websites, which is a big priority for us in our long term plans and the Godel team will be key to delivering this.”

Paul Green, CCO at Godel said: “It’s no secret that recruiting skilled developers continues to be a challenge for businesses wanting to scale. We are delighted to be selected by DeadHappy to help provide the resource that will allow them to grow their team in a rapidly moving industry.”