Data Engineering & Analytics

Competition across all markets is intensifying - the companies staying ahead are the ones adopting technology-led, well-informed strategies. Data-driven decisions can only be made with a clear and singular view of the data itself - this need can be met with data engineering and analytics. Godel's Data division helps companies achieve strategic goals by unlocking their data.

If you need to forecast faster and more accurately, gain insights into your customers’ behaviour, shorten process cycle times, improve data integrity and quality or extract data from multiple sources across the business - you’ve come to the right place. Godel provides its market-leading clients with experienced data engineering and analytics experts, that deliver accessible and scalable data solutions to make your company's data work for you.

Data Engineering

When a company's data is unstructured and unconsolidated it is impossible to continually find useful insights within it. Some companies are dealing with petabytes of datasets, so the first priority in gaining control of this data is to implement data engineering practices.

Godel's Data Engineering teams develop data pipelines that channel big data into cloud-based data lakes that offer business users advanced analytical capabilities. Our DevOps-led approach to data engineering means solutions delivered by Godel are secure, stable and scalable.

Techniques applied by Godel teams involve:

  • Building data-driven architectures in the cloud
  • Implementing logging and monitoring solutions
  • Ensuring security for data in motion, and data at rest
  • CI/CD implementation and support


Data Analytics

Godel's data division has decades of collective experience in helping clients become data-driven, and so their technical and business acumen in building data solutions for clients is top notch. Our data analytics services can be split into three areas: business intelligence, data visualisation and data management.

When planning delivery of a business intelligence solution we work closely with client stakeholders to understand how they consume information. Our product mindset approach ensures requirements are met with the business context in mind. Godel teams are experts in building modern data warehouses, designing and developing OLAP cubes for advanced analytics. In many cases we have integrated huge amounts of data sources using cloud technologies.

High-quality data visualisation is critical. Godel ensures solutions are delivered with user needs in mind by creating powerful KPI dashboards with drill-down capabilities, that are accessible cross-platform.

To ensure ongoing success in data engineering work, Godel designs data governance strategies with its clients and works closely to clients' strategic approaches. Above all, our teams are dedicated to ensuring data security - our ISO27001 accreditation and data anonymisation policies ensure this.

Technical Expertise

Our teams are organised around core software engineering technologies, with quality assurance, DevOps, data, mobile and artificial intelligence / machine learning capabilities surrounding this. Find out more about our data engineering and analytics technical capabilities here. If there is something specific you are looking for that we haven’t mentioned, please do get in touch and ask. Given the pace of change in our industry, it’s an impossible task to keep these pages up to date!

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