GodelTech provides outsourced software development for CSL’s iSales web service deployed on in-store iPads for every sofa specialist

CSL customers will receive the ultimate in-store customer experience when purchasing their perfect sofa thanks to its new iSales web service software which has been rewritten for deployment on up to 200 iPads across its 22 stores with help from GodelTech.

GodelTech has provided an outsourced team of software developers to support CSL’s in house team with extra skills and capacity to provide its in-store sofa specialists with everything they need to enhance customer experience at their fingertips.

“iSales will allow a much smoother flow for customers when purchasing their perfect sofa in our stores; our sofa specialists will be able to do everything from finding the right sofa for the customer, to placing the order, printing off the agreement and doing the necessary credit checks,” explains Paul Taylor Jones, head of IT at CSL Sofas.

“It will also allow us to access important management information from our central database so that we can better manage the business and continue to provide the ultimate customer experience.

“GodelTech has excellent credentials with other large retailers when developing software from scratch and deploying it in the stores in a very quick timeframe – the outsourcing model has worked well for CSL Sofas helping our in-house team to react fast to the demands of our business.”

The new version of iSales will go live in CSL’s stores in the early part of 2013.

“Retailers operate in an increasingly fast paced environment where margins are tight and time is money. Having an outsourced team to support its in-house software developers means that CSL Sofas is able to bring the software to its stores in the quickest time possible,” said Neil Turvin, chief executive of GodelTech.

“iSales will help its sofa specialists provide CSL’s customers with everything they need at their fingertips.”