Yoti is a London-based technology company, on a mission to become the world’s trusted identity platform.


Founded in 2014 by Robin Tombs, Duncan Francis and Noel Hayden, Yoti is home to a team of over 200 people with headquarters in central London, an office in India and a growing presence in the USA.


  • Software Development
    Quality Assurance
    Agile Delivery Coordination


  • Java


  • Online/Tech
    Professional Services

Dedicated Team

  • Godel Pods

Duration Of Project

  • 1 Year +

Yoti Client Video Testimonial

John Abbot

Director of Business Growth


The free Yoti app is available for Apple and Android phones and takes less than five minutes to set up. People take a selfie and scan a passport or driving licence with their smartphone, which is transformed into a digital identity. For consumers, their digital identity will always be free to use and lets them prove their identity in seconds. It also slashes the time and cost required for businesses to verify customers.


With over 2.5million installs globally, once a user has created their Identity they can use it in different cases. Yoti will let people:


– Prove their age on nights out and at supermarket self-checkouts
– Prove identities to businesses without showing and photocopying paper documents
– Confirm the identity details of people they meet online, e.g. dating and classified websites
– Log in to websites more securely using biometrics instead of passwords
– Tackle touts by preventing login bots and through attaching verified identities to tickets


Yoti and Godel worked together on the MyVenue suite of products, which is where Yoti is used to verify people into establishments.



Yoti were growing extremely quickly and with London office space at a premium they looked to Godel’s nearshore dedicated team model to assist their in-house development team to produce a MVP in parallel to the build of the digital identity platform.


“It is very important that Yoti aren’t a singular product company, and so we used Godel specifically for two products in the MyVenue suite”, – explains John Abbot, Director of Business Growth at Yoti.


“We used Godel for a full suite of skills, starting with back end development including the Android app and Tablet solutions. And as time went on we used more of Godel’s UI and UX services”.


More information on the Yoti products can be found on their website.



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