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Engagement Model:

  • Augmented Team

Duration Of Project:

  • 1+ YEAR
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Since it was established in 1997, Trainline has developed a robust and scalable core IT platform with a strong focus on customer-driven innovation.


The first quarter of 2016 saw UK rail passenger journeys reach 412.5 million, nearly 5% higher than the previous stats of the same time period in 2015. The rail travel sector must be more efficient, and meet the demands of technology and ‘experience savvy’ travellers who want to be constantly connected via mobile devices.

The total value of sales generated from rail ticket fares and other rail travel related expenditure in the United Kingdom is expected to reach approximately £11 billion by the end of 2017.


By value of tickets sold, Trainline is the No. 1 independent online rail ticket retailer in the UK. They allow customers to view, compare and buy train tickets from all train companies to all UK destinations. Their apps have been downloaded 7.4 million times already and this number continues to grow as mobile ticketing shapes UK rail travel.

Trainline wanted to upgrade their legacy server infrastructure and move to Amazon public cloud, a move which would give them access to unlimited supercomputing power. As a result their software platform required a substantial amount of modernisation but they didn’t have the bandwidth to handle this solely in-house, so they looked at different options to deliver this project.

Trainline is a tech brand renowned for having a great tech platform and a talented collection of people all working to make brilliant products for clients, but a shortage of talent means that they cannot hire good developers quickly enough.

Augmented Team

Having previous experience with software partners, Trainline wanted to develop a relationship with a nearshore partner due to the benefits compared to traditional offshore companies.

“Godel were a good choice for us, they positioned themselves as being different than anybody else, and we felt confident in them. Godel have an abundance of experience in working with UK companies and integrating their nearshore model, they put in place really good Video Conferencing facilities that allow the teams to take part in daily standups which was very important for us for reaching a great result.” explained Mark Holt, Chief Technology Officer at Trainline.

The Godel team worked alongside Trainline’s in-house development team with the cloud migration journey to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

When asked to describe working with Godel in three words, Mark said
“Agile, Helpful, Innovative”.

Trainline have a highly robust and scalable technology platform dedicated to online rail travel and a focus on customer-driven innovation. They are well-placed to provide the most compelling online and mobile products for our customers, as they begin to use their considerable experience in the UK market to grow a European presence.

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