Shell Energy


Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) wanted to change the face of the industry by fighting on behalf of the consumer. Not content for things to stay as they are, Shell Energy challenged the status quo to make energy simpler, fairer and cheaper.


Having already reduced switching times from five, to just over two weeks with their ‘Fix the Switch’ campaign, Shell Energy are committed to giving clients insights into their energy usage through the latest technology.


  • Business Analysis
    Quality Assurance
    Automated Quality Assurance


  • Java


  • Energy

Dedicated Team

  • Reverse Augmentation

Duration Of Project

  • 8 Years +

Godel Technologies and Shell Energy | Automation and Agile System Development

Keith Sterling

Head of Software Development


To move fast with consumer demands Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) run development in an agile manner so test automation is key. The Shell Energy platform which delivers the main functions to the business such as billing, tariff management, and client management consists of a number of components.


Many are controlled by Shell however there are some which are developed by 3rd parties. Unable to control the development speed of the 3rd parties, Shell Energy looked at other ways in which they would be able to speed up deployments.


Godel were selected as an automated testing partner working on the mission-critical billing system. Keith Sterling, Head of Software Development said:
“Our collaboration with Godel is the ideal strategic partnership; it supports our growth by allowing us to get new developments and products to market faster whilst increasing our software quality. At First Utility we are continually looking at ways in which we can put our customers first and ways in which we can cut costs to keep more money in their pockets”.


Reverse Augmentation

Since the first engagement Keith and his team have been utilising other services provided by Godel and now run multiple teams providing development, quality assurance, automated quality assurance and business analysis – skills which they couldn’t recruit fast enough to keep up with the pace of demand.


“We have high standards for staff, as any large organisations do. and we are competing with other geographical organisations so you have to work hard to find the right people. We do find them but not at the pace that we would like to.”


Empowered by saving their clients money, Shell have challenged the norm to make the energy industry better by challenging the ‘big six’ and offering their clients more control to help them spend less.


First Utility (now owned by Shell Energy) are now the biggest independent energy supplier in the UK, they do not generate electricity, instead purchasing it from international markets. They are the only energy company to have been in The Sunday Times’ Virgin Fast Track 100 for the past four years.

Reverse Augmentation


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