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  • 1+ YEAR

Organisations that are dependent on software technology to provide a competitive edge often find themselves with a dilemma. The demands placed on internal resources by project requirements frequently exceed their technical and resource capabilities leading to the need for additional staff. At this point the decision must be made whether to recruit this additional capability full-time or seek to partner with a specialist external organisation that can provide the high level of expertise required.


Name your Number recently utilised Godel’s skills and experience to help complete a major international project. NYN work with mobile phone operators worldwide, helping them to monetise their phone number pool. NYN’s Chief Technical Officer explained,

“We help mobile operators utilise their entire number pool and make it available to the whole of the addressable market. To do this we provide an interface to their POS system in-store and an online tool that enables customers to enter information such as date of birth, name, memorable important number, hobby and their job. Our application then searches their database of numbers and presents the customer with a list of numbers that match these criteria. The operator can then charge a premium for these numbers as they are of value to the customer.”


NYN had initially gone live with their application using in-house resources and an external organisation. But, during 2009 work on a new project in Europe with a major client they realised that they did not have the capability to meet the demand both in terms of resources and technical expertise.

“We knew we needed to find a partner that could help us with this” said NYN’s Chief Technical Officer “and fortunately Godel were a known entity to our managing director and the senior management team.”

Godel is a leading provider of high quality software development services for businesses in the UK, Europe and North America. It was this expertise that provided a perfect fit for NYN’s requirements as their Chief Technical Officer explains. “Firstly, they were the right size. They were large enough to have the resources and technical expertise to meet the peaks of our demand but at the same time were small enough that our project really mattered to them. Finding this right level is always difficult when you are partnering with an external organisation on mission-critical software applications. It also meant that we could engage with their senior people whenever we required.

“Secondly, we needed to move quickly and Godel were adaptable enough to pick up the project ‘mid-flight’ and take it forward. We were working to challenging timescales and with evolving requirements and our partner needed to buy-in to these demands.

“And last, but not least, they have got a very good, commonsense methodology that helps to guarantee project success.”


Godel started work on the project in October and were critical in ensuring the project went live at the start of the year as planned. “Their flexible approach enabled us to build a team that exactly met our requirements in a short timescale. It simply would not have been possible to recruit the staff and meet the deadline otherwise”, said NYN’s CTO. “What’s more, it was cost-effective to do it this way!”

With the project now completed NYN’s relationship with Godel has evolved as the Chief Technical Officer explained. “Initially, they were brought on board to help with a specific project. But, I was so impressed with their capabilities that I have now retained them to work with us on the design and development of our next generation product.”

Godel CEO Neil Turvin concluded, “We understand that resource requirements change during a project - that is why our flexible approach enabled NYN to tailor the dedicated team to exactly match their initial project requirements and then, after this was completed, to work with us on new product development.

“By enabling additional resources to be quickly and easily added or removed, we ensure that our dedicated teams deliver the highest possible resource efficiency to our clients. Furthermore, the knowledge and understanding of NYN's markets and customers that Godel staff have acquired is not lost for future projects. This provides all the benefits of recruiting staff internally without the usual costs and time delays – the best of both worlds!”

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