Muddy Boots

Jez Pile; Chief Technical Officer, Mark Powell; Product Owner, Owen Pigott; Technical Lead, Meirion Evans; Development Team Leader



  • Software Development
  • Mobile
  • QA


  • .Net
  • Xamarin


  • ISV

Engagement Model:

  • Godel Pods

Duration Of Project:

  • 1 year +
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"As an organisation we tend to look at leading edge technology", Jez Pile; CTO at Muddy Boots


With over 20 years' experience in the fresh food sector, Muddy Boots have developed a suite of software solutions that allows data to pass up and down supply chains from farm to retailer, providing insight that enables their customers to instantly view, manage and report on the quality, traceability, and compliance of their products and suppliers.

Godel Pods

Dedicated Team

In recent years, technology in agriculture has rapidly changed the industry.

"Technology in the agriculture and food space are quite often seen as behind the curve compared to financial insurance in terms of technology adoption, but you've only got to look out there in the field to see that isn't true." explains Jez Pile, CTO of Muddy Boots.

Muddy Boots went to the market to look for a software development partner who could support them to scale quickly.

"We have experience with outsourcing, and contract resource. But found that the knowledge walks out of the building when the contract finishes. So the partnership aspect of the relationship was really important for us. Godel share the same ways of working and values as us." continued Jez.

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