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In the 19th-century, Manchester earned the nickname of ‘Cottonopolis’ as it became the centre of the global cotton trade.


Digital innovation, social influencers and changes in consumer spending have significantly impacted the fashion industry. Manchester once again has established itself as a centre of textiles, as it has quickly become a hub of fast fashion businesses.


According to a recent report by the analysts Retail Economics for the law firm Womble Bond Dickinson, the internet is expected to account for 53% of all retail sales in the next 10 years, up from around a fifth currently.


  • Software Development
    Quality Assurance
    Project Management


  • JavaScript


  • Online/Tech Retail

Dedicated Team

  • Godel Pods

Duration Of Project

  • 6 Months +

In The Style Fashion and Godel Technologies

Jon Cleaver

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Elliott

Head of E-Commerce


Since August 2013 In The Style has already established a following of over 1 million fans on social media. The company has grown rapidly in the last 3 years, with more than 2000 pieces of press coverage, over 300 celebrity spots and 14 hugely successful, exclusive celebrity ranges. All celebrity collections have been hugely successful and are 3 of the most recognised exclusive ranges within the fashion world.


To continue their growth In The Style fashion needed an app and used a SaaS platform allowing them to create an app quickly to target and retain their customers.


However once up and running, it became clear that the SaaS product was a rigid platform which didn’t give the flexibility required. Creating a unique identity in the ecosystem was quite restrictive, and the high contract cost meant that ROI became difficult as there were limitations to optimise conversion.


In The Style went to the market to look for a partner who could deliver a custom application, before the peak trading cyber period in November.


Jon Cleaver, Chief Technology Officer at In The Style, said:
“We looked at the option of offshoring and using an engineering arm of another business and we came across Godel. An advantage of this was that we were able to get an engineering team with the right skills we needed, at the speed we needed. I was doubtful how many other people could achieve that”.



“The new application is a big improvement on what we had before. It plugs into Magento in much the same way as the website, this streamlines our internal processes. This means that 70-80% of the work which my team does for the website, can be automatically reflecting in application. This saves 50% of the man hours which we would have had to put into the original SaaS product.”


Godel and In The Style were able to release the MVP to the market meeting the tight deadline of the peak cyber trading period. With the application already proving successful with many return shoppers, whilst being able to deliver a truly unique and branded experience.


The new application is no longer cookie-cutter – and has been ranked as one of the top-ten applications in the marketplace.



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