There are huge shifts happening in the retail industry driven by the uptake of mobile technology, the growth of social platforms and increased human-connectedness. For retailers to build their competitive advantage they need to understand the consumer, whilst finding ways to improve their price image and overall value proposition.


Price and promotion are two of the most important levers that a retailer can pull. But doing this right isn’t easy: competition is fierce as discounters and pure online retailers grow, and price transparency is greater than ever. To build loyalty, it’s crucial to strengthen customer price perception without reducing prices so low that you limit financial growth — or worse.


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Godel Technologies And Dunnhumby | An augmented software development team

Dave Beck

Test Manager


Dunnhumby provide strategic process, proprietary insights, engagement approach and cutting-edge software that removes the guesswork from pricing and promotions to create sustained pricing power for retailers. Pricing power that grows customer loyalty and long-term profit.


Dave Beck, Test Manager at Dunnhumby needed a long-term quality assurance partner to support his team:
“We have used traditional methods to recruit people for our team, using internal recruitment teams and external agencies but that hasn’t been that successful – it takes a long time to find the right candidate and we needed a quicker solution.”


Godel were able to demonstrate a high level of skill in both manual and automated quality assurance which impressed Dunnhumby. The team started small, and has grown as the relationship has developed, with Godel team members permanently based in their Manchester office.


“Working with Godel has given us the extra flexibility across all aspects of quality assurance. They have helped us when we have needed people, and the resources they have provided have helped us to not only improve our products but given us the extra man-power to meet tight deadlines”, continued Dave.


Reverse Augmentation

According to a recent vendor overview from industry analyst Robert Hetu of Gartner Inc., “Algorithmic unified price optimization remains an opportunity for retail CIO’s as they prepare for digital business.” Dunnhumby have seen evidence of that among retailers, especially in fast-moving consumer goods such as grocery and speciality retail.


The Dunnhumby Price and Promotion software accurately models, forecasts and optimises retail prices for regular and promotional pricing by using an intuitive, fast, merchant-friendly tool which integrates price modelling and optimisation into the daily work-flow of a merchant. Providing this information allows their clients to build stronger customer loyalty.


Dunnhumby is present in 26 markets and analyses the shopping transactions of 350 million customers. The scale of Dunnhumby’s customer base provides them with unmatched visibility on customer behaviour internationally.

Reverse Augmentation


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