Transport Unit


Founded in 2004, Transport Unit is the world’s biggest online car rental service, arranging car hire in 163 countries and 40 languages.


The website provides a hassle-free way of renting a car and their approach to car rental is quick and simple making the customers experience feel as personal as driving their own car.


  • Software Development
    Quality Assurance


  • Java


  • Travel

Dedicated Team

  • Reverse Augmentation
    Product Development

Duration Of Project

  • 5 Years +

Godel Technologies and | Building a new online marketplace

Andy Thorburn

Head of National Supply

Chris Kenny

Product Owner

Adam Flynn

Solutions Architect

CASE STUDY Transport Unit has collaborated with Godel to deliver a platform which enables smaller car rental suppliers to connect with their large customer base. Godel is working alongside the in-house development team at Transport Unit as part of a ring-fenced resource, working as an augmented team to deliver the project.


“The vision for Marketplace is simple. We wanted to make it easier for smaller car rental companies to engage with us so that we can offer our customers a broader selection of places to rent cars from”, explains Andy Thorburn, Head of National Supply, Marketplace by Transport Unit.


With high-level technical and non-functional requirements, the Transport Unit Marketplace project required a skilled, dedicated team of developers to deliver at the required velocity. By augmenting its in-house team with Godel, Transport Unit has been able to accelerate its delivery pace and build a platform which meets demands from both its suppliers and customers.


Reverse Augmentation / PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT

Godel provides businesses with the ability to scale rapidly in line with trends in the market place and achieve company growth. The shortage of skilled software developers in the UK presents challenges to businesses that are hungry to meet demand, or to deliver projects that may otherwise be put on the back burner in favour of ‘urgent’ day-to-day work.


Godel responds to the challenge by providing a stable and experienced skills-pool to digitally native businesses that allows them to pursue their growth agenda without being constrained due to lack of locally available talent.


Working with a trusted, nearshore software development partner means Transport Unit can build its development around the business’s objectives, rather than the other way around.


“Godel really bought into what we’re trying to achieve with Marketplace and as a business. They’ve gone the extra mile for me”. Chris Kenny, Product Owner, Marketplace by Transport Unit.

Reverse Augmentation / PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT


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