David Petronzio, Head of Development






  • .Net



Engagement Model:

  • Godel Pods

Duration Of Project:

  • 1+ YEAR
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Boden is a British clothing retailer, with a single store they sell products across the UK, Germany, Austria, France and the USA with around 90% of all orders placed online.


Boden is a British clothing retailer selling primarily online and mail order through their catalogue.

With online retail sales continuing to grow the competition for customers is becoming increasingly high. Retailers face constant pressures to be able to deliver the right products to consumers whilst delivering outstanding shopping experiences.

These demands put great pressure on the technology division for these retailers to stay ahead of the game.


Competing in such an aggressive environment Boden faced the challenge of needing more people to meet the demands of the business, but being based in the capital city meant that costs were high.

Boden had difficulties in hiring good developers to match their in house skills set; although using contractors worked well it wasn’t cost effective to continue growing the team that way.

“We didn’t consider outsourcing at first, I have had a previous negative experience. But after meeting with Godel we really liked their model and decided to give it a go. We were used to building software in house and so we had some concerns around giving this responsibility to someone else and kept a very close eye on what our Godel team were producing. Although we quickly realised that we were dealing with some really good developers” – says David Petronzio, Head of Development at Boden.

The Godel team were chosen to work on several applications which are used by Boden to automate their business processes. These included Supplier Database solution which is used to store supplier details and audits carried out to ensure that the Supplier meets the ethical trade standards, and Stock Management system which allows Boden's staff to define overselling and allocation rules for the markets and channels Boden is selling their goods to.

Godel Pods

At the start of the engagement the Godel and Boden teams visited one anothers' offices which allowed them to learn about the businesses and the projects in detail. This time allowed the two teams to build upon their relationships which is key to working together successfully.

The success of the first Godel dedicated team coupled with Boden’s demand for innovating their digital features has led to the growth of the original team and additional dedicated teams.

“Godel write a good code and we can trust them to deliver. We also like that they don`t try to be the biggest, but try to be the best, just like we do” concludes David.

Boden have a dedicated team committed to ethical trade and through their continuing efforts each year, the company strives to make their business ever more ethically aware and responsible.

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