Godel Usability Week is back 7-10th November 2022, and this time we’re sharing our knowledge with everyone!

Our Design Division is working on a series of online talks on some of the trendiest topics, dedicated to the World Usability Day on November 10th 2022.

You will learn about sustainable design on the Internet and its impact on the environment, economy and people. We’ll also discuss inclusive design, why accessibility is so important and whether health apps respect our privacy.

The first speaker, Artsemi Martyniuk will talk about “Privacy & Health”. He will touch upon health apps which are beyond doubt convenient for anyone to keep track of their health information.

But how do companies handle personal data? According to research by the British Medical Journal published in 2019, 79% of health-related apps available on Google Play, including apps that help manage drugs, adherence, medicines, or prescribing information, regularly shared user data with 3rd parties, and their policies were “far from transparent”.

We’ll discuss how period-tracking apps and the recent changes in law in the US are related, how valid privacy concerns are, and what legal restrictions apply to app policies in Europe and the US.

Our next speaker, Alena Borykava will share her opinions and some key info on “Sustainable Design”:

“Have you heard about ‘sustainability’? Let’s discuss what it means in the real and digital world. I invite you to take a look at sustainability in the high-fashion, biochemistry, perfume industry and many more. If the Internet were considered a country, it would be the 7th most polluting country on the Earth, so it does carry a physical cost. See you at Godel Usability Week!”

You can join the conversations and register for the talks here.