Truphone has chosen Godel as its nearshore software development partner to help it rapidly scale in line with growth plans. Godel will provide Truphone with the development skills to aid the evolution of products and services and deliver new propositions by adapting systems and processes rapidly.

Truphone has invested in becoming the world’s first truly global network through its own network infrastructure – points of presence include: London, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, California and Hong Kong – and partnerships with other operators. Its patented technology now serves over 3,500 multinational enterprises in 196 countries.

In order to respond faster and easily adapt to specific needs to grow rapidly, it was imperative to find the right partner, one that allowed Truphone to engage with a new team quickly and easily and had a range of technical knowledge to support across multiple disciplines. And one that, above all, could deliver.

Nuno Santos, Head Of Architecture, Truphone explains: “We were looking for specific characteristics in a partner – the technological reach and expertise, an organisation that could support us in addressing our precise needs using multiple solutions and with the level of seniority and expertise required for the challenges that lie ahead.

“Governance was also a key driver – ensuring that our partner’s delivery methodologies and the way the teams work and interact were as seamless as possible. Ease of communication between the Godel team working side-by-side with their Truphone counterparts has to be fluid and comprehensive in all its forms – but ultimately we chose Godel as a partner because all these main criteria and others were covered with distinction.”

Truphone is a fast-growing technology company with the only global mobile network that has a centralised services model. Partnering with the best mobile networks in each country, it expects its partnership with Godel to continue to mature and grow with its business.

“These are challenging times, but global communication is still at the core of what makes the world tick and creating better connections between things, people and business to make us all smarter is what drives our business forward – we’re pleased to have Godel working in partnership with us for the exciting times ahead,” Nuno Santos, Head Of Architecture, Truphone

Paul Green, CCO, Godel said: “Godel delivers a unique set of skills and delivery methodologies that means we can plug into organisations rapidly and begin working as part of a combined team to deliver growth in a very short time frame. We’re very much looking forward to working with Truphone.”