The Gym Group, the original provider of low-cost gym facilities, has chosen to partner with Godel Technologies to scale their operations and improve customer experience.

With a mission to break down barriers and offer fitness for all, the nationwide fitness chain with 230 sites and over 720,000 members focuses on operating high-quality, low-cost gyms that have widespread appeal.

Responding to the huge market increase with the focus to remain competitive, The Gym Group looked to scale their delivery function with the help of a partner that brings consistency and tech leadership to the team. Jim Hingston, Digital Product Director at The Gym Group explains.

Jim Hingston, Digital Product Director at The Gym Group

“With the continual evolution of our innovative products, we were scaling quickly and needed to grow our technology team to sustain our growth. As we moved into 2023, our aim was to deliver our ambitious digital roadmap which would see us release new products to provide substantial benefits to our users.

We decided to look for a partner to increase our team capacity, drive best engineering practice, and improve our ways of working. We knew from our conversations with Godel that they would be able to provide quality engineers, bring technical knowledge to the team and would be able to suggest improvements in terms of our model and skills. We also liked the sound of Godel’s nearshore setup which meant we would be able to work closely with the team who will be based in Poland, along with their UK-managed service.”

The Godel team will be crucial to delivering The Gym Group’s digital roadmap by implementing new products features for users and growth driving initiatives, as well as continually optimising the digital experience.

Jim continues, “This partnership is an exciting and interesting opportunity and by working with Godel, we’ve got the capabilities to deliver our projects on time. The changing market is an ambitious time for our industry, and we look forward to taking the opportunities to stay ahead of the game by introducing innovative technology solutions with the support of Godel – who we believe will help us raise the bar in optimising our technology to deliver a step change in the experience for our members.”

Reflecting on the partnership, Neil McMurdo, CEO at Godel said: “This partnership presents a fantastic opportunity to support The Gym Group in raising the bar by delivering new and innovative products for a highly competitive industry and I look forward to seeing the partnership continue to grow.”