After a year of impressive growth and investment, Rio ESG has selected Godel Technologies to provide additional software engineering expertise to assist them in expanding their innovative product into new markets.

As more consumers, businesses and investors are embracing sustainability, Rio is committed to helping organisations improve their impact on the planet, manage ESG risk, and save money. Combining market-leading knowledge with its proprietary AI, Rio delivers data analysis, Governance tools and education to organisations of all sizes.

After a string of new client wins, investment-backed Rio investigated the options which would help them to excel its software engineering roadmap. Brian Flynn, Head of Software and Innovation at Rio ESG explains.

“The sustainability sector is rapidly evolving and as a business, we are well positioned to capitalise on this opportunity through our innovative product offering. With our ambitious product vision and growing client needs, it was clear that we quickly needed greater development capacity. We initially looked to expand our team with UK developers but with a shortage of available talent coupled with the uncertainties of pandemic lockdowns, recruitment was a challenge.

We had previously connected with Godel so when deciding to choose a nearshore partner, they were at the forefront of our minds. We found Godel to be a great fit for us as we share similar values and working styles. It was also very appealing that Godel is headquartered in Manchester, enabling us to have an easily accessible face-to-face point of contact, as needed.”

The Godel team work will be focussed on Rio’s high priority clients. The partnership will see the Godel team develop new features, provide UI/UX skills to extend the platform’s intuitive interface, and Godel’s test automation expertise will underpin the system’s robustness and high availability.

Brian continues. “We have set 12 objectives to deliver in the next 12-18 months and the Godel team is a vital part of that, providing the scalability we desire. Having seen companies struggle to manage their growth phase we know the importance of having strong foundations in place and working with trustworthy partners, like Godel, who place great value in their quality of work.”

Paul Green, Chief Commercial Officer at Godel said. “Sustainability is a growing market; it is important for all businesses to be conscious about how they operate. We are proud to have been selected by Rio ESG, it’s a terrific opportunity for us to assist them on their journey to make a difference, and I am looking forward to watching their platform grow and launch into international markets.”