Last year saw the working world turned upside down, with many making the transition from working in the office to working from home. Businesses took the unfamiliar leap into remote working, something that 68% of employees had never experienced before the pandemic. As the world continues to gradually re-open, many people face the prospect of returning to the workplace for the first time in over a year.

With 57% saying they would like to continue to work from home in some capacity, businesses are now moving towards flexible working and hybrid teams. But what exactly does the hybrid model mean for businesses and their employees?

What does Hybrid working mean?

Hybrid working existed pre-COVID, but its prevalence has been accelerated by the pandemic and the result of remote working. Hybrid working means an individual working part of their time in the workplace and part of it remotely.

Benefits to organisations adopting this new way of working include increased productivity, motivation and retention of employees. It’s important in the hybrid world to stay connected, both formally and informally, to keep the team’s culture alive.

Businesses have found it allows flexibility for people, especially in the past year, to engage more in a work-life balance. However, it must be acknowledged the challenges that will arise when it comes to maintaining and establishing meaningful communication in teams and how the water cooler chats continue going forward.

In a recent Godel virtual event, an open discussion took place for tech leaders to talk about how they planned to navigate into the new working world. It’s established by many, it isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ strategy when it comes to what a hybrid model looks like for a business. It’s about aligning the model to business values and adapting as we navigate into the new world. It can be said, hybrid working opens new opportunities for the workplace, making the office a collaborative place for face-to-face meetings and networking, freedom for people to decide their own work patterns and flexibility to increase productivity.

Being such a relevant topic and at the forefront of every conversation at the moment, we decided to launch The Godel POD, an exclusive podcast by Godel Technologies. The first 3-part series is about “Keeping Connectivity in The Hybrid World”. Each week, we invite industry leading guests to talk about what hybrid working means to them.

Moving forward, it is about adapting the workplace and making sure teams who aren’t in the same room stay connected. It’s now more important than ever to check in on people’s wellbeing, making sure to include those working remotely and not make them feel any lesser when not in the office – and keeping the communication flowing in the hybrid world.