Having being an integral part of talent acquisition teams throughout the UK and Poland for the last 9 years, it’s no shock that Sylwia Skorupka has landed the all-important role of Talent Acquisition Manager at Godel’s new offices in Łódź. Having only joined Godel a few weeks ago, it’s already certain that Sylwia has a keen eye for detail, understanding exactly how Godel and its employees will work interdependently, working towards continued success.

Being a non-technical person but still I really enjoy speaking to candidates about their knowledge of different programming languages. Part of my job is to understand this to the fullest, and judge whether Godel are able to help further the candidates existing knowledge. I think it’s important in the recruitment sector to remember that, yes, we are looking for the ideal candidate, but the candidate is also looking for the ideal job: one which will help their future personal and professional development. I spent two years working for a recruitment agency which involved working with a wide variety of different clients. This then meant I built my knowledge of many different technologies because of course; each client prefers a different tech stack.

After maternity leave, I worked for a start-ups in Poland, where I helped recruit for available IT roles within company. I was also involved with social activities, creating and improving HR processes as well as onboarding and offboarding new employees and other very important activities within HR Department.

What I love most about my role as a Talent Manager is that I am always super busy – there is so much to do here in Łódź at the moment! It makes me so excited when I think about what Godel’s office here will develop into. Given that our presence in Poland is new, we have a very high demand for the country’s very best tech talent and have a range of positions to fill – from Junior to Senior, across a whole range of technologies. The candidates I am currently looking for will have a huge impact as they will really help establish Godel and its culture in Poland. This really is my main focus for 2021 alongside finding benefits for our employees here which will make their lives a little easier, such as medical insurance and life insurance as well as English lessons. I think it’s clear that, despite having only been with the business for a few weeks I have ambitious plans for Godel, which is ideal as I don’t think the growth of the business will be slowing any time soon – the expansion into new countries clearly demonstrates this.

A thing I will consider in the future is Godel’s employee retention levels and keeping this at as high a level as possible. No doubt, our client portfolio will enable this, as well as our modern office space and the benefits which I am arranging. On top of this, I want to encourage our employees to gain experience on different projects with different clients as this is what will help them widen their knowledge on various tech languages. Gödel is an amazing, exciting place to work, and I can’t wait to help people develop to their full potential by working with the best there is!

Although I am confident in my own knowledge of the wider market and that it will help me hire the right talent for Godel, I will be working with the managers of each decision, so that they can recognise the attributes of each candidate and how they can benefit the teams. Additionally, I will be asking each manager to demonstrate how they will be able to help our employees develop; both personally and professionally. When searching for the right people, I will really take note of candidates’ social skills as it’s highly likely that they will find themselves in a client-facing position, where interpersonal skills will be necessary in creating lasting partnerships between Godel and our clients. Although the teams aren’t directly a part of the client’s business, they will be treated as if they were, so it’s vital we find the right people which will lead both Godel and our clients to further success. Employing the right people is truly about quality, and not quantity.