Godel Technologies is pleased to announce collaboration with ProcessUnity GRX and the launch of Godel Technologies’ independent third-party risk assessment report. 

The ProcessUnity TPRM Platform combines powerful workflow, a universal data core, the world’s largest global risk exchange and AI-powered teams to modernise your Third-Party Risk Management program. 

ProcessUnity provides a third-party risk management platform for supporting enterprises and their partners and vendors to measure, rank, mitigate, and monitor cyber risk. A significant aspect of the platform is the ability to perform a security controls assessment and score the maturity and effectiveness of an organisation’s internal security controls and obtain evidence to verify those scores. 

The Global Risk Exchange assessment methodology identifies both inherent and residual risk and uses near real-time threat analysis and independent evidence validation to provide customers with a holistic view of their third-party cyber risk posture. 

Godel Technologies is an agile nearshore software delivery partner headquartered in Manchester, UK with over 20 years of experience in providing software engineering resourcing solutions to leading UK companies. Godel recognises the need to implement the appropriate procedures, policies and accreditations to help better manage risks and to drive operational efficiencies. 

Godel can leverage its completed assessment by sharing it in response to more customer questionnaire requests and is a great way to save hundreds of hours of time and frustration at no cost. Sharing is available to both customers within and outside of the exchange and is free to share and receive. This enables customers to discover the controls that can mitigate the threats applicable for their industry, and the supporting controls that indirectly affect the efficacy of the attack techniques. 

How does Godel stack up 

ProcessUnity prepared the accompanying third party risk assessment of Godel Technologies. Godel answered over 400 security questions and their assessment has been independently validated by ProcessUnity partners, Deloitte and KPMG. 

Based on the impressive results, Godel falls in the 99th percentile within the industry. By sharing Godel’s assessment profile, Godel can look to procure more customers and enhance the overall brand. The assessment shows how Godel complies with over 40 different frameworks and standards (NIST, CAIQ, ISO, etc.) The coverage scores can be used to explore the assessment results in terms of programme maturity and control implementation. 

Customers can access the Godel Technologies third-party risk assessment report at no additional cost. Customers can request access to the report by completing an access request form.