Praetura Group have chosen Godel to maximise their technical capability and resource.

The Praetura Group of companies provide alternative equity and debt funding solutions to SMEs across the UK. A growing need for quality data meant Praetura Group were keen to introduce automation in a manually led finance sector.

To accommodate their needs, the Manchester-based debt and equity capital provider looked to explore the option to increase resource with a partner that would allow them to focus on technical delivery. Ruta Makunaite, Head of Technology at Praetura Group explains.

“Praetura Group are experts in assessing risk, and we wanted to improve our current output by creating more systems to help us remain personal but process at scale. Having worked with Godel previously I had first-hand experience of the high level of quality and expertise they provide and had no hesitation when looking for a partner to establish at Praetura. Another key reason behind choosing Godel, is the complete managed service which is wrapped around the team to support and enhance the team and their development, something you don’t always get with outsourcing.”

Praetura Group have a number of manual processes in place, so the Godel team will help with automating as much data enrichment and processing as possible. This will optimise the expert’s time and allow them to focus on making key decisions. Automating high-impact tasks also helps to reduce costs, minimise errors and increase productivity in the team.

Ruta continues. “Godel offer quality technical expertise and a team who understand what it is we’re all working together to achieve. The level of effort is more than expected and having predictable time scales allows us a business to plan and budget accordingly. Working with Godel provides us with the ability to scale resource and execute our technical delivery without minimal disruption.”

Paul Green, Chief Commercial Officer at Godel said. “Data enrichment is a must-do process for every business. We will work with Praetura Group to help automate their data processing pipelines and boost their technical offering.