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Boden is a leading British clothing brand that designs and sells clothing with a quintessentially British style that our customers say makes them smile. Starting in the UK 30 years ago with a growing base of customers in the UK, US and Germany, Boden is best known for conveying a certain joie-de-vivre through its product imagery.

Boden has always been a direct-to-consumer, catalogue-based business and is best known for having the ability to convey a story about lifestyle and what they’re about through the imagery of its product.

The Boden brand portrays a lifestyle that its customers aspire to – whether on holiday, dressing for an occasion, or just living everyday life.

Boden partnered with Godel in 2014 to grow the team and technical capabilities whilst keeping the existing in-house Boden developers at their London HQ. Over the years, the Godel team has integrated into how Boden works.

Ten years later, this case study celebrates a fully integrated partnership and how it has evolved to become one team.

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