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Godel scales Python and Go programming teams

Godel has thrown weight behind both its Python and Go programming teams in line with increasing demand from the market place for both.

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The Top 5 Tools of The Remote Software Development Team.

How can remote software development teams operate as though they are based in one office when they are often located in different countries?

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Harvesting the benefits of AgriTech

We recently discussed Agritech and the impact that technology has on the agriculture industry. Climate change and a growing global population with rising incomes means that the UK and the world are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of agricultural supply.

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Full stack JavaScript Development is growing at Godel

It’s been around for over 20 years, but JavaScript skills are in big demand – in fact, according to the StackOverflow’s developer survey in 2017, it’s been the most popular technology for the last five years amongst developers, and the second most ‘wanted’ language. And it’s showing no signs of slowing – JavaScript developers are… Continue reading Full stack JavaScript Development is growing at Godel

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Delivering Software Quickly Without Sacrificing Quality – Test Automation.

Elena Polubochko, CTO of Godel explains how test automation ensures speed of software development without dispensing quality.

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What will be the top DevOps trends in 2018?

We asked Sergey Sverchkov, Godel’s Head of DevOps, some key questions on what will shift within DevOps this year, and this is what he had to say.

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Spring Framework 5: The Swiss Knife For Microservices.

Spring Framework 5 is a major release of Pivotal’s framework and along with Spring Boot, Spring Data and Spring Cloud, it’s proving to be the Swiss Knife for delivering microservices.

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How will software development evolve in 2018?

Last year, Godel gave four predictions on what would most impact the software development landscape throughout 2017. Now that 2018 has arrived, we expect change to take place at an even more accelerated pace. With the scene set for rapid technological advancements, Godel’s technical leadership team has predicted what will take place within software development in… Continue reading How will software development evolve in 2018?

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DevOps In The Cloud: Demystified

We asked Godel’s Head of DevOps, Sergey Sverchkov, how DevOps in the cloud can help businesses evolve. Here’s his take on the steps organisations can take

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Elena Prilutskaya Talks About a Context-Driven Approach to Software Testing.

Long-standing Godel quality assurance engineer Elena Prilutskaya recently presented a seminar on the subject of context-driven software testing at Leeds Tester Gathering.

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