The Talent Management Function was founded in 2006 with the mission to make sure the right people are on the right engagements. The elements of the function are based on the TM framework, which are a set of rules defined within the framework.

Earlier this year, Maciej Bugdał joined Godel as Lead Software Engineer in Lodz. Despite only being at Godel for a short amount of time, Maciej took the opportunity to join the TM function. We sat down with Maciej to discuss his involvement and what he hopes to achieve as part of the Talent Management function at Godel.

What is your background before Godel?

I have worked for more than 10 years in similar roles as a data engineer in multiple companies. I have experience in building new processes and new solutions for the clients based on data, such as system migrations. Previously, I have been responsible for managing the technical team and technical path for the clients – essentially being a mentor for others and establishing a guide.

When I joined the TM function, I was already familiar with the concept of the role due to my prior knowledge in providing guidance for people in terms of an individual’s possibilities and development. Stepping into the TM function felt like a natural next step for me, and I think I am well suited.

What is your involvement with the TM function?

In Lodz, I’m responsible for looking after the team here. Being able to communicate without major language limitations provides better cultural alignment and makes the process more natural. It also diffuses any nerves or restrictions.

A challenge when collaborating with colleagues from other countries is when that natural cultural alignment isn’t there. Elena Korenko, Head of Language Development runs Godel cultural workshops for teams and our clients for this exact reason. We work on projects with teams from different countries and cultures so it’s important to establish that alignment.

Since the Lodz office opened earlier this year, we have been busy setting everything up, getting to know each other and establishing those relationships. I am excited to continue building those connections as the team continues to grow.

What are the key elements of the Talent Management function?

I believe the main focus of the Talent Management function is to take care of the talents from the beginning. We are here to support the Godel team from the very first day as it makes onboarding much easier. It’s helpful to ask about a person’s interests including which technologies they prefer and decide, with the help of the division manager, which is most suitable for the individual. It also ensures the relationship starts on a positive note from the ground level. It’s important the receive feedback after the first month and then have a quarterly meeting to check that everything is okay. It’s essential to establish a personal development plan to develop both hard and soft skills. After the first 12 months, we look at a person’s skills and progress.

It’s vital for people to grow their personal skills and competencies within a particular engagement as this will help ensure the quality of service that Godel provides to the clients within a day-to-day routine grows.

I also believe, together with the Division Manager, a TM is responsible for agreeing titles, wage and promotion. We want to be the main point of contact if a person was having trouble with travel procedures or health concerns. I would like to hope if someone had a problem, it would be standard practise to approach us so we can work to resolve the issue. I personally want to act as a mentor in terms of how to tackle the solutions and always give support to the team.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to try a new opportunity at Godel?

Godel gives you the branches to grow into other areas of the business, such as the TM function, even if your main role is completely different. However, it goes without saying, it requires a lot of focus to do any role. When preparing to take on new opportunities, you must be prepared to work hard. I think the most important assets to a workplace is the people. It brings better productivity to the team and gives you the encouragement to take on new challenges to better yourself as a person. In my short time at Godel, the team have always supported me in taking on new possibilities.

The main thing I would like to highlight from our chat is that it’s always possible to try new avenues at Godel, even at early stages of your time here. Even if you don’t have the prior experience or you have come to Godel as an engineer, like me and you want to try your hand at joining the TM function, there is always the opportunity to try.