In the short time he has been at Godel, Konstantin Chorbadziyski, the company’s new Head of Operations in Bulgaria, Sofia, has made a big impact. He has bold ideas about how he will establish Godel well within the Bulgarian IT market, as he explains below.

Being a well-established individual within the recruitment sector, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting on board with Godel and helping them reach new heights as they continue to establish themselves in Bulgaria. As a proud Godel employee, I can’t wait to help establish the brand here.

At the moment, the world of recruitment is turbulent, as it has been for over a year now. It has been very difficult with the current environment, which has meant many businesses worrying about whether they will even exist in the not-too-distant future. Not only has this been difficult for businesses, but also for candidates too. Often there is a concern that if they accept a new job today, the business will not exist tomorrow, and they will be left unemployed.

My previous experience was established as a freelance recruiter, and prior to that I worked for a recruitment agency, but I am excited to be working within a corporate organisation now as I believe I can build relationships with a large number of potential candidates. Because of this, I predict I will be able to gain a true understanding of each individual; their personalities, traits and behaviours, which will enable me to judge whether Godel is the right place for them, and whether they are the right person for Godel. In a way, this is what encouraged me to leave the recruitment agency and become a freelance recruiter: I felt as though I had to force candidates to accept an offer which was not 100% suited to them. Instead, I prefer to be like a friend to each candidate, putting myself in their shoes and imagining them in each open vacancy. This way, I can find the ideal candidate, where there will be a mutual benefit for them and Godel. My candidates are living proof of this “I was particularly impressed by Konstantin support during and after the application process, and most importantly – his people skills. He will advise and navigate you to the end point.”

My priority has been to fill our Senior roles in Bulgaria, as these people will be leaders, so I believe they will be very important in helping me build out the wider teams. Over the past 2 months, we have grown to 4 members of the Sofia team. I am also in talks with a pipeline of candidates who I know are going to be a great help to me both now and in the future.

Undoubtedly, there will be challenges to face, too and my biggest challenge will be to help nurture Godel, so the company grows into something spectacular in the Bulgarian market. I want the company to be as established here as they are in our other locations, with everybody being aware of who we are, what we do and how well we do it. Furthermore, I want candidates to understand what we can offer them and how we can help them grow, and how we differ from other IT companies, particularly in the Bulgarian market. For me, it’s Godel’s innovative, no blame culture which makes us stand out against any other recruiter. I truly believe that with people being at the core of Godel, they are able to stay ahead of their game, not only in Bulgaria, but in every Eastern European country in which they operate.